Our mission is to help you cross through troubled waters.

"Vadimus" is a Latin word derived from the noun "vadum" (meaning the dangerous shallows, fords, or shoals).  As a verb, Vadimus can be read as "We go together through troubled waters." Vadimus Law is here to guide you through your difficult times with the legal skills you need to maximize success.

Sometimes you need a swordsman in your corner.

Attorney Karpf is an experienced litigator and zealous advocate for you in any hotly contested lawsuit. Attorney Karpf represents clients embroiled in cases involving domestic abuse, child abuse, parental alienation, fraudulent transfers of assets, parental kidnapping, fraud and embezzlement, sexual assault, wasted assets, and the abuses of fiduciaries in trusts.  Vadimus Law cuts to the quick -- to get you the success you deserve.

Sometimes you need a referee.

Not all conflicts need to be battled out with swords crossed or guns blazing away. Often disputes can be partially or completely resolved, much less expensively, with the assistance of a mediator. As an accomplished lawyer, Attorney Karpf brings his experience, empathy, and background into his mediations to bring people together and empower their decision-making process whether on a short-term basis to resolve a family, trust, or neighbor conflict, or through providing as-needed, long-term mediation services to parents, trusts, and other people and organizations who find themselves in frequent disputes.

Sometimes you need an investigator by your side.

Vadimus Law knows that an under-informed client is a client who has already lost his or her case. Using a network of valuation experts and private investigators, in addition to his own experience in tracking down seemingly vanished and/or undervalued assets in divorce and trust cases, Attorney Karpf discovers the facts you need to make fully-informed choices and maximize your success.

You deserve quality legal representation regardless of your financial circumstances.

Attorney Karpf is passionately committed to the belief that top-notch legal advice and services should be available and affordable regardless of your financial circumstances.  Towards that end, in addition to traditional advance retainer and contingent fees, Vadimus Law offers a wide range of innovative case management and billing arrangements, including sliding-scale hourly rates, pay-as-you-go representation in some courts, fixed fees, payment plans, and barter.