Services sought by Vadimus Law L.L.C.

Handyperson.    General labor, both physical work, office work, and errand-running, not requiring a professional license or insurance.

Housecleaning.   Professional level housecleaning on a regular basis.

Eldercare.   Occasional assistance with bathing, dressing, light laundry, errand-running and housecleaning of an elderly family member.

Carpentry.   Construction and installation of several handicapped ramps at residential doorways; miscellaneous repair, repainting and other maintenance of decks, doors, etc.

Electrician.  Repair and maintenance of residential electrical systems.

Landscaping.    Professional level design and construction of outdoor land and water features, fences, gates, etc.; care of fruit and decorative trees and plants; mowing and pond maintenance during summer months; leaf raking, ice removal and winterizing during autumn months; snow removal during winter months.

Constable services.  Licensed and insured constable services within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Private investigation.   Licensed and insured private investigation services.

Architect. Drafting and completion of plans for two (2) 3-4 unit residential dwellings.

Registered Land Surveyor or Engineer. Drafting and completion of certified plot plans for two (2) residental properties showing existing and proposed conditions.

Accounting services.  Certified public accountant and bookkeeper services.

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