A law firm with a mission, an experienced attorney, and a commitment to affordable legal services.

Sometimes you need a fighter in your corner.  Sometimes you need a referee.  Sometimes you need to investigate and dig deeply to discover the truth behind the lies.  Vadimus Law provides all three  -- and protects your wallet in the process.

Vadimus Law can help you with advocacy or mediation in divorce, support or paternity actions or post-judgment modifications; situations involving domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and/or neglect, parental kidnapping across state or international boundaries, and/or parental alienation; recompense for, or recovery of, assets fraudulently transferred, embezzled, or wasted;  abuses by trustees, guardians, conservators and other fiduciaries; or creating trusts and/or durable powers of attorney for traditional and alternative families. As a full-service, general practice, law firm, Vadimus Law can also assist you in the creation or defense of a business, disputes with a landlord or tenant, and a host of other legal issues.



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... I thank the hardworking and struggling individuals - whether LGBTQA+ or allies - who brought about this desperately needed, dramatic, and joyful  social change which brings everybody - including heterosexual and cisgendered people - that much more happiness in everyday living.