Some testimonials from former clients.

I reached out to Attorney Karpf when I was actively considering a divorce. He was not the first lawyer that I reached out to, but the first one that I felt I could rely on for solid and thoughtful advice. Before my appointment with Attorney Karpf, I had met with two other divorce attorneys (one quite a well-known one from a big downtown firm) for an initial consultation. I felt like these other lawyers were just egging me on by telling me I was a "victim"; the consultations felt more like psychotherapy sessions than legal advice; one attorney even seemed to lack knowledge in some seemingly basic areas. But with Attorney Karpf, I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge from our first meeting, and decided to retain him to represent me.

I had mentioned a few specific complicating factors about my situation to Attorney Karpf before our first in-person meeting. When we first met, he was well prepared, had done research on these issues, and was able to give me useful advice right away. Throughout our interactions, Attorney Karpf approached my situation in a very nuanced and thoughtful way, came up with different strategies, and helped me carefully consider them, instead of trying to push me in one direction. I really felt that I was getting great, thoughtful advice from Attorney Karpf, and that I could trust him. My potential divorce also involved a jointly owned business, and Attorney Karpf was able to give me advice on both the business issues and the issues around divorce and custody, which was really, really helpful.

— February 22, 2019

Mr. Karpf was absolutely wonderful with helping us get ready for our eviction case. Sadly for us it was last minute asking for representation and Mr. Karpf was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more experienced and well informed lawyer. In the future I plan on recommending and if needed hiring him again!
— -January 27, 2016
Stephen Karpf expertly helped my family with a complicated interstate custody and child support case. This work involved 3 major phases during which the opposing side continually was unreasonable and combative. Throughout this Stephen was on top of every important detail, and helped explain clearly the options we had at each decision point. He also clearly understood the big picture, the system, and helped us navigate the ordeal in the most efficient way (which helped keep costs as low as possible, even lower than he originally anticipated). Stephen is clearly gifted in both litigation and negotiation, and this combination makes him a very effective attorney. Although he can be intense and focused in the courtroom, with us he was kind, patient and displayed uncommonly high integrity. We feel very lucky to have found Stephen and recommend him with full confidence.
— January 11, 2016
This is a sincere testimonial of the gratitude that I have for the expert and efficient services I received from Stephen Karpf at Vadimus Law. I am a single mother in Arizona with very limited resources and needed help defending myself in regards to a family law issue in Massachusetts. After a few phone and email exchanges with different Massachusetts attorneys, I posted the central question of my case on and received several replies. Stephen Karpf’s reply was by far the most detailed and insightful, and after a few more exchanges and a phone conversation, I decided to retain him. Little did I know at the time that I would be making the best possible decision, even better than I could have reasonably expected.

As the case worked its way through the system, it became clear that Stephen understood the issues of interstate custody and general family law better than any of the other professionals involved. He fought for my children with a perfect balance of tact and vigor while keeping me informed and giving me options at every point. Additionally, he responded promptly and with great detail to my many questions, and he seemed to have endless patience and compassion. In the end, his initial assessment of the law was spot on, and the courts ultimately agreed.

I have learned that there is a big difference between hiring a bright and competent attorney, and hiring a bright and competent attorney that has a passion for justice. Stephen is truly the right man for his profession. He is brilliant, focused, compassionate, and fair. His billing is clear and more than reasonable, and since he is so efficient, his services were less than he originally anticipated.

Perhaps this glowing recommendation sounds too good to be true (I might be a bit skeptical if I read, rather than wrote, it.) Take my word for it, Stephen Karpf is a man with integrity and it’s too bad there are not many more attorneys like him. I put my trust in him and he expertly did everything I could have asked for and more.
— January 25, 2014
I came to Stephen in October of 2012, in a state of dilemma, as my newborn daughter had been stolen from my fiance and I by DCF. My fiance was the one who found him, after long hours of searching for an appropriate attorney. The fact that he was available on a weekend immediately told us that he was our guy! Not only does Stephen have an impressive backround as an attorney, but he is very professional, and also down-to-earth. He worked to create a reasonable budget so that we could afford to use him without using up all of our money. He stuck by me every step of the way, and even gave DCF the extra push when they needed it. He made sure to check up on me often, encouraging me to follow the service plan that was created for us. Although we didn’t gain full legal custody of our daughter until a year after her being taken, I gained physical custody (which is most important) in 3 months!
— - October 28, 2013
Stephen Karpf provided me with legal solutions that allow me to grant my partner many of the rights that people are granted through traditional marriage. Now that I have a power of attorney, a health-care proxy, and a well written will (with a carefully customized trust), I can be confident that my partner will be able to make legal decisions on my behalf, make health-care decisions for me if I’m unable to do so myself, and more easily receive the property I wish to grant him upon my death, though we are not legally married. Stephen is responsive, non-judgmental, courteous, and best of all, clearly committed to creating legal solutions that fit my life. I highly recommend Stephen Karpf’s legal services.
— June 11, 2012.
Stephen has represented me at several divorce-related court appearances and I have come to see him as an invaluable contact in my rolodex. I come to him for advice, and he is always responsive. Stephen is flexible about how much or how little he gets involved, based on my needs, finances, etc., and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation in a divorce, especially where children are involved.
— January 2, 2011.
I feel I was very fortunate to have had Stephen Karpf represent me in my divorce. I was originally referred to his office by a friend who was impressed by their attention to detail. My friend did not steer me wrong. I found Attorney Karpf to be very knowledgeable AND to be able to communicate this knowledge in an effective manner. Towards the end of the process, when I had really had more than enough, he ‘did his job’. He fully represented me and more importantly, the interests of my children throughout the entire messy process. I also feel the process was handled very efficiently. Communications were concise and I never had any ‘what are these charges for?’ moments.
— October 4, 2010